Puppy Pre-Purchase Consults

Looking for a new addition to the family?

Our Puppy Pre-Purchase Consults are designed so that you can better understand pet ownership and the possible breeds to suit your family and lifestyle.

Why should you have a Puppy Pre-Purchase Consult?

We understand the importance of finding the right pet for your family and want to help inform you of the possible breeds as well as help you understand the requirements of owning a puppy. Each puppy is different, and it is important that they go into a home where their specific needs can be met.

How does a Puppy Pre-Purchase Consult work?

Once you have contacted the clinic regarding a consult, or after more information about getting a new puppy, one of our nurses will email you a form to complete and send back to us.

This form will contain questions about the kind of dog you are after as well as questions about you and your lifestyle.

Once you have sent back the completed from, you will then need to make a booking with one of our nurses for a 30-minute Puppy Pre-Purchase Consult. During this time, a nurse will review your answers and note their recommendations.

During the consult, a vet nurse will discuss with you their recommendations, important pet ownership details as well as recommended rescue organisations for pet adoption. You will also receive a pack that contains the details discussed during your consult, information about our clinic and other goodies!

Cost for a Puppy Pre-Purchase Consult: $35

To start your pet-ownership journey, please give us a call today.