Clinic Cat


Chance has many roles; a model for explaining how to pill a cat or demonstrating how to brush teeth. She also is great when anybody needs a cuddle. She’s there for staff and clients alike. Sometimes if she’s in the mood, while you are waiting for your appointment you might be privileged to have a live cat show as she does her crazy cat thing with her tunnel and maybe a toy mouse or piece of screwed up paper.

Some ask how she got her name. Renee got a call late one night from some people who were on their way to the supermarket. Walking through the park they had stumbled across this poor creature who was hardly breathing. Renee did a mercy dash to the park. Back at the clinic Cathy and Renee did what they could to save her life. They were unable to record a temperature as she was so cold. She had very little life left in her and was in fact comatose and very emaciated. They dried her and warmed her up. Body to body heat really helped. As the clinic was due to close, Renee kindly decided to take her home. The next day she bought in a bundle of fluffy mischief. Renee had been here for 10+ years and announced that she had never had the privilege of naming a stray pet. She wanted to call the cat Chance. Mikesh, our past clinic cat, had passed away a few months previously. Chances timing with her arrival was perfect for us. We were just at the stage when we were ready to consider a new clinic cat. We are happy to say that this four-legged ratbag has been with us ever since.

Feel free to say hello to her next time you are in. She usually hangs out in her basket by the front door.

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