Dr Kayleigh Gilkes
Lead Veterinarian
  • BVSc

Kayleigh grew up on a small farm in central England and always wanted to be a vet. She realised this dream when she went to the university of Bristol vet school and graduated in 2009. After 3 years in mixed practice in Northern Ireland, she returned to England to work in just small animal practice for a further 3 years before emigrating to New Zealand. Kayleigh has worked at Aldwins road vet clinic (formerly Pet Doctors Marshall and Pringle) since 2017.

Outside of work Kayleigh is likely to be found exploring the New Zealand back country both

Dr Elora Saha

Elora was born and bred in Christchurch. After high school she moved to Dunedin and completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences degree with Honours. She soon realised that her true passion was on the frontline and couldn't decide if she wanted to work with animals or people, so picked a career where she could have both. Elora graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey in 2019, and her first job was a mixed role mostly working with cows and lifestyle block animals. She joins us from Total Vets, and is interested in all aspects of veterinary care - especially general practice.

In her downtime Elora enjoys making the most of Christchurch's phenomenal hospitality industry, going for long walks, and taking adult ballet lessons.

Dr Madeleine Jardine
  • BVSc

Madeleine (Maddie, she/her) grew up on the mean streets of Cashmere and has been working as a vet since 2015. Covid dragged her back to Aotearoa after a three year stint in the UK, where she taught at the vet school in Bristol and had been locuming and traveling. She saw some interesting cases in the UK, including a boa constrictor with a cough. Being a vet means chatting to people, communicating scientific ideas and getting to snuggle up to cute animals; just three of the reasons Maddie loves this job!

When she's not scrubbed up and frothing over surgeries, she's outside scaling mountains with Frank the pug or chilling out in the ocean. She's also dedicated to learning te reo and enjoys a tinkle on the keys.

Practice Manager / Veterinary Nurse

Jesse's love for animals began when she graduated in 2006 with a diploma in animal management with distinction gaining a range of skills with a variety of animals. She then pursued a diploma in veterinary nursing and has been working at Pet Doctors Marshall & Pringle since 2016. Jesse particularly enjoys canine behaviour.

Jesse has a rabbit who loves running free in the garden and watching TV on the couch. In her spare time, Jesse enjoys hiking, horse-riding and spending time with family and friends.

Veterinary Nurse

Before joining Aldwins Road Vets, Renee has worked with Marshall & Pringle for over 10 years. She moved to Christchurch from Blenheim to study working with animals as it was love of hers from a young age. Renee grew up with a father in agriculture and there were many strays coming home.

Renee enjoys how everyday is different as a veterinary nurse and getting to know her patients and cliental. Currently she is very keen on helping pets lose weight and seeing their transformations.

Renee has two pets; Bradic who is a Weimaraner, Lab x Hunterway who's best friend is a wee Pug.

In her spare time, Renee teaches mixed ability dance for a company called Jolt and enjoys seeing the children she teaches become beautiful dancers. She also loves spending time with her family.

Veterinary Nurse

Emma has a diploma in veterinary nursing, graduating in 2018. She has real love for the more unusual pets such as rodents and lizards, but especially loves the puppies. She runs puppy preschool through the clinic, gaining a precious opportunity to see them grow as well as getting to know her clients

Veterinary Nurse

Samantha grew up in Christchurch she always had a passion for animals. She has her certificate in animal technology and is soon to graduate in november 2021 with a diploma in vet nursing.

She loves all areas of the job and no day is the same.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.

Veterinary Nurse

After spending 15 years overseas, Dee moved back to her hometown of Christchurch in 2017 and decided on a career change as well. She completed her Vet Nursing Diploma in 2019 and starting working at Aldwins Road not long after.

Dee also works part time at the After hours Emergency Vet Clinic.

She loves all aspects of nursing and is thoroughly enjoying her new career.

Dee has 2 human children, 2 dog's, Hank the american staffy and Larry the mixed breed rescue dog, Julius the cat plus 40 rescue chickens

Veterinary Nurse

Anna has a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and has over 10 years experience in the industry. She loves how every day is different and the challenges of nursing, Anna has a strong love and passion for all nursing aspects but especially anaethesia and surgery. She also enjoys interacting with the clients and their pets through nurse consultations.
Her hobbies include spending time with her husband and daughter on their lifestyle block, riding her horses and socialising with her friends.

Anna has many pets. Chaos, Cash and Taylor the crossbreed dogs, Penny and Ellie the horses, Jeorge and Dior the cats, two pigs and some sheep.

Veterinary Nurse

Kiera was born in England and came to New Zealand as a child, where she discovered her passion for animals and their welfare.

She recently graduated, gaining her Diploma in Veterinary nursing at the end of 2021. She loves everything about being a Veterinary nurse and has a strong interest in surgery and medical nursing.

In her spare time she plays volleyball and spends time with her fiance and son.


Caitlyn is our resident traveler, born in New Zealand she has recently returned from overseas to join our team as our Receptionist and is enjoying the kiwi lifestyle once again. Being both a people person and an animal person, this role suits her perfectly and she enjoys meeting new people and pets, loving seeing the special relationships between owners and their animals.

During her travels, Caitlyn has predominately worked in customer-facing roles and has also spent time working with disadvantaged children. She grew up by the beach on the West Coast and has always been a lover of animals, especially her family's goat and multiple stray cats they wound up taking in, whilst also being passionate about writing and art in many forms. She can often be found out and about in nature and behind a camera when she isn’t too busy with all of her other hobbies

Clinic Cat

Chance has many roles; a model for explaining how to pill a cat or demonstrating how to brush teeth. She also is great when anybody needs a cuddle. She’s there for staff and clients alike. Sometimes if she’s in the mood, while you are waiting for your appointment you might be privileged to have a live cat show as she does her crazy cat thing with her tunnel and maybe a toy mouse or piece of screwed up paper.

Some ask how she got her name. Renee got a call late one night from some people who were on their way to the supermarket. Walking through the park they had stumbled across this poor creature who was hardly breathing. Renee did a mercy dash to the park. Back at the clinic Cathy and Renee did what they could to save her life. They were unable to record a temperature as she was so cold. She had very little life left in her and was in fact comatose and very emaciated. They dried her and warmed her up. Body to body heat really helped. As the clinic was due to close, Renee kindly decided to take her home. The next day she bought in a bundle of fluffy mischief. Renee had been here for 10+ years and announced that she had never had the privilege of naming a stray pet. She wanted to call the cat Chance. Mikesh, our past clinic cat, had passed away a few months previously. Chances timing with her arrival was perfect for us. We were just at the stage when we were ready to consider a new clinic cat. We are happy to say that this four-legged ratbag has been with us ever since.

Feel free to say hello to her next time you are in. She usually hangs out in her basket by the front door.